As the dog days of summer befalls, the river trout angler sport can often be confined to first and last light - especially so on the warmer, sunnier days in low, crystal clear water. The fish, however, are still very much present, more often than not sulking in the depths.

A bit like humans the fish won’t usually want a long, drawn out three course meal under such circumstances but run the offer of an ice-cream and soon they are tempted. Much the same can be applied to the trout; give them an offer they cannot refuse. This can often be a time to try a fly and tactic overlooked by most and shunned by others; the sculpin!

Trout love sculpins, it’s as easy as that. It’s a part of their diet, as much as sedges, stoneflies and olives would be. It’s a large food item that cannot be turned down as it will sustain them for a long time compared to nymphs that may be constantly drifting over them. It can also be a way of waking fish up and also getting some of the larger, cannibalistic trout to have a feed.

Water that can almost never be fished with other tactics can be attempted with the sculpin too, adding to its appeal in your armoury. Try them for sea trout too – they will often tempt sea trout in water, dropping back after a spate.

They are very easy to tie with the main components being the Sculpin Helmets, zonker strips and my preferred hook for this pattern; the Partridge bomber hook.

- Steffan (Partridge PRO-team)

Steffan Jones

Steffan Jones was born and raised on the prime sea-trout rivers of West Wales. As such, fishing has been his addiction since the age of four. Today, he is easily recognised as an authority concerning all things ‘sea trout’. His expertise is obvious in his writing, guiding, and demonstrations that include both fishing and fly tying. With Steffan's passion for innovation, and the exciting new products coming from Partridge, he is a logical choice to have as a Pro Team member. If you are lucky, you may find Steffan casting for sea trout on his home rivers or in South America where he visits most winters. When he is not busy with his own fishing career, he also runs his fishing travel company, Angling-Worldwide (, guiding on the rivers Teifi and Towy in West Wales. In addition, he works for Aardvark McLeod, a sporting travel specialist ( specialising in fishing holidays abroad, which has taken him to many far flung destinations where he puts the Partridge hook range to the ultimate test. With the many casting, tying, and fishing accolades accredited to him, we're pleased and proud to have Steffan as part of the Partridge Pro-Team. We are excited to see how he will apply his unique skills to the Partridge range of hooks.


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