Ireland’s biggest fly-fishing extravaganza will again feature the largest host of fly dressers and game angling stands under one roof in Ireland ever at an angling show. 
A host of the worlds finest fly dressers, fly casters and angling celebrities will be gathering again at the Galway Bay Hotel, in Salthill, Ireland to participate in the 8th Irish Fly Fair and International Angling Show on 11th and 12th November 2017. Visitors too will be arriving from all over the world to this celebrated the event to have the opportunity to see some of the world’s greatest fly dressers demonstrating their art, while champion fly casters will be available to demonstrate and advise on fly casting techniques and fishing tactics. 
This year the Partridge PRO-Team will be arriving in strength as always so that visitors can see the latest patterns and see the latest techniques close up.  One of the celebrities arriving from the USA this year is Steve Silverio – he’s been tying flies since the age of fourteen and has ventured into pretty much all forms of the fly-tying art.  In recent times his primary focus has been on innovative saltwater & large predator flies, however his first love has always been dressing salmon hair wings. Steve has developed patterns for species as varied as Striped Bass, Red Fish, Salmon to Sailfish. He is constantly experimenting with new materials and designs in search of that elusive perfect pattern! Combining classic dressing with modern materials and techniques - deceptively simple, his flies always look good and are deadly in the water. His favourite river is the Canadian Bonaventure and his favourite fly the "Lulu", a Gaspe-style Bomber, taught to him by the Porier brothers Mario and Jean-Marc.
Currently, Steve is a member of the Regal Vise development team and has cooperated in the design of the new top-of-the-line Revolution rotary model and the new Regal Toolbar. He is also a PRO-Staffer and North American Sales Representative for Partridge of Redditch and Cox & Rawle, two of the United Kingdom's most established and renown hook brands. He is also the US Sales Coordinator for Marryat Fly Rods, the "Choice of Champions".

From Italy we will be featuring Fabio Federighi who in his own words states “The passion of my life is fishing, which I practised as a child, then moved to fly-fishing from the age of 17 years. This passion has led me to fish around the world, Alaska, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, and close to Italy in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia for trout, grayling, salmon, seatrout."

He is a fan of fishing from the shore in saltwater, hunting blue fish, sea bass and other predators. The passion for fly tying was a passion from the outset, he likes to tie dry flies, nymphs, wet, salmon and saltwater flies, and sometimes ev​en hyper realistic. With his friend Gianluca Nocentini he wrote the "MANUAL OF MODERN FLY TYER OF ARTIFICIAL FLIES", also write articles for "Mosca & Spinning," and for some international journals, my flies are shown in various books. He’s a member of the PRO-Team Partridge of Redditch, Deer Creek, and Swiss CDC.

Among his most memorable experiences is The Fly Festival in Europe, which he attends annually, where he can be seen tying along side great international fly tyers from Denmark, Germany, Holland, Ireland and England, not to forget the International Fly Tying Symposium, Somerset New Jersey.

From Wales we have one of the worlds finest Salmon fly tyers, Paul Slaney.

Paul counts himself lucky to live in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales on the banks of the River Usk, indeed it's a perfect testing ground for his flies with the river a short walk from his home. A little further afield he enjoys night fishing for SeaTrout on the rivers of West Wales. Over the past 25 years Paul has combined his interests of Travel, Photography and Fly Fishing and taken them all over the world in the pursuit many species. His fly fishing experiences are many and varied but he feels most at home on the bonefish flats of the Caribbean.

Paul ties flies for many species and enjoys teaching and sharing his skills and experiences through live demonstrations at clubs and shows both at home and internationally, also through photography and social media. Paul has recently returned from trips to Tasmania (fishing) and Arkansas (Fly tying) - he always enjoy trips to Ireland especially the Galway Show and looks forward to this year’s event, having missed the last one, he hopes to make new friends and enjoying a Guinness or two.


England’s Chris Reeves has been a fisherman all of his life and has been a fly angler for almost 25 years.
He began fly fishing at The Barn Elms Reservoir in West London and progressed from small stillwaters to the large reservoirs, where he fished many of the large competitions with some success.

He then moved on to the challenge of the chalk streams before he started fishing further afield in many “destination fisheries” including Alaska, Chile, Argentina, California, The Bahamas and Florida. He fishes at least twice a week during the season and enjoys Pike fishing on the local stretches of the River Thames. He regularly take part in coarse matches at a local lake but fly fishing and fly tying are his real passion.

I started tying my own flies some 30 years ago. I was self-taught and quickly realised the value of good instruction and how scarce it was, so I became an Instructor under the Salmon and Trout association STANIC banner, later becoming part of GAIA. I am currently a member of the professional angler’s association offering classes in trout fishing, coarse fishing and of course fly tying. Since then I have taught privately and in Adult education courses at my local college. I am currently running a course at Hampton rugby Club in SW London. In addition, I spend a lot of time as teaching disadvantaged children to fish for coarse species with Wandle Valley School.

My favourite flies to tie are Chalk stream dries and Irish Lough flies, but I enjoy tying all styles and regularly tie Saltwater, Salmon and Pike flies too.  He is a life member of the Fly Dressers Guild and is currently the Guild’s General Secretary and is on the committee of the Surrey Branch, He is a member of the both Partridge and Whiting’s PRO-Team and demonstrates using both products.

From Scotland we have Jim Lees who started his career in fly fishing on a small tributary of the Scotland’s River Clyde over 25 years ago and started fly tying at the same time; He didn’t realise there was a choice, since there were no local fly shops he assumed that those wanting to fly fish had to tie their own flies - it seemed natural there wouldn’t be one without the other. With basic instructions from a friend his early efforts were crude to say the least, but they caught some fish and launched a life-long passion.

Early on he developed an interest in the entomology; life cycle and behaviour - how and when the different species became available to Trout as food. This led him away from the Traditional Clyde flies and on to experimenting with new materials and new fly design, most of his influences back then came from American books and magazines but with the internet came a whole raft of new influences from all over the world. He’s still experimenting to this day and always will be with a primary interest in “flees” for Trout and Grayling.

He has also been lucky enough to test out his experiments on rivers throughout the UK, in Poland and in Slovenia. Like all experiments some have been more successful than others and it’s those flies he will be tying at the show - Flies that catch fish!

Also from Scotland is Allan Liddle, a specialist in wild trout fishing throughout Scotland he has also been a member of the Partridge of Redditch PRO-Team since 2013 regularly attending tying events throughout the UK demonstrating a range of both river and loch trout patterns as well as Salmon, Seatrout and even Saltwater flies.

A regular contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine for over twenty years and having represented Scotland at International level, Allan is a well-known face around UK Trout fishing circles and he recently also joined the Marryat Rod PRO-Team helping to promote the rods and brand.

As a GAIA qualified instructor he manages to find time to squeeze in a guided trip or two around his home areas of Morayshire and Aberdeenshire in Scotland’s North East.

Allan will be demonstrating his skills on The Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine stand.

From Ireland we have Arthur Greenwood - He is a member of the Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors (Ireland) and is Training Officer for that group.

Arthur’s area of expertise is in tying and demonstrating traditional Irish Lough Flies although he enjoys dressing the whole range of Irish Trout and Seatrout flies including the more modern and innovative patterns. More recently he’s been dabbling in predator patterns and has been catching occasional Pike, Perch and Pollack. As an ex-teacher, he particularly likes working with young people and beginners to the world of fly dressing and demonstrates and teaches in this area at all the major Irish Country Fairs and Shows each year as well as selected overseas events such as the Dutch Fly Fair and the FFF Conclave in Montana.

When not tying, Arthur finds time to go fishing on the local rivers and streams for wild browns in spring-time, then the big western loughs for Trout at Mayfly time followed by a Seatrout odyssey on the lakes and rivers of Connemara to end the season.

Since the Irish are not fortunate enough to have grayling as a native species, an annual pilgrimage (or two!) is necessary to England, Scotland or Wales each winter.

In the summer Arthur usually takes a fly fishing visit abroad, often to Montana and Alberta but also to various destinations in Europe including Slovenia and Romania and within the UK.

Also from Ireland is true gentleman Joe Stitt who started fishing in the late 1940s as a schoolboy with worms. He graduated to fly fishing as a teenager and after a long period of trout fishing became a purist in pursuit of trout, fishing dry fly as his first choice and upstream nymph as a close second, as described by one of his heroes - Frank Sawyer.

I started to tie flies at one stage, these were very crude to say the least, probably due to lack of tuition in those times. This led me in later life to want to achieve better standards and got involved with instruction, first though STANIC in Trout and fly dressing. These two disciplines inspired me on to APGAI with Gaia, AAPGAI Master in Tout and seatrout, APGAI Ireland Trout and Fly Dressing and Federation of fly fishers CCI and Masters in single casting instruction.

My actual fly fishing has taken me to most of Europe in pursuit of trout and grayling, Salt water fly fishing in Florida, in the sea of Cortez for Roosters, Bonita and Dorado, the Pacific for Sail fish and Marlin with the climax of my career fishing for Browns and Rainbows in New Zealand’s South Island at least once and sometimes twice per year over a thirteen-year period. This experience has made a very big impact on my fly dressing opinions.

Also from Ireland is Darryl Mooney – he is the UK and Ireland Sales Director for Fishing Matters whose brands include Partridge of Redditch, Sprite, Cox & Rawle, Regal Vises and Marryat Rods. He lives in Northern Ireland where he grew up fishing for wild brownies on his local Rivers Lagan and Bann and this remains his passion to this day. Darryl specializes in all aspects of river nymph fishing and fly tying and has fished extensively in the USA, New Zealand, many parts of Europe and the UK and Ireland North and South. Darryl will be tying on River Mourne Guns & Tackle Stand, where he will be dressing Spanish Perdigone Nymphs, which work great on Irish rivers for trout. He will also be available for questions on Partridge of Redditch, Sprite, Cox & Rawle, Regal Vises and stunning Marryat Fly Rods.

Darryl has given many demonstrations over the years at many Fly Dressers Guilds, Game and fly fairs like The BFFI, Irish Fly Fair and other prestigious events.

This show has always been a favourite of both fly dressers and visitors alike. The tackle trade will be well represented as always at this year’s event with a range of quality trade stands offering tackle, outdoor clothing, and fly-tying gear.

This show the undisputed leader of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying shows in Ireland, so is not to be missed. Located at one of Galway’s finest hotels, many visitors now come for the weekend with their families to experience the whole atmosphere.

Come along and see for yourself !

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