The Wide Wet is just that… it has been made on heavy high carbon steel wire to give it ‘wet hook’ strength and has been made specifically to have a wide gape to suit whatever style of fishing you choose. 
The bend has been based on the old sneck bend so that it is both strong and looks good on finished wet fly patterns. 
At present it is available in sizes 8, 10, and 12 and it will be in size 14’s very soon with plans in early 2018 to add sizes 16 and 18 to meet the demands of both traditional North Country Spider aficionados and for those tiny emergers that are so deadly when Euro Nymphing with French Leader setups with those 10f 6in Rods when fishing French, Spanish, Czech nymphing. the pattern illustrated here is a Pink Shrimp tied using a Bidoz Tungsten Shrimp back so that it will sink like a stone!