PRO-team member Jimmy Tyrrell owns and runs Irish Fly Craft in Ireland. Originally from Pontypool in South Wales he moved to Ireland with his family over 35 years ago and started his fly fishing and tying business roughly 20 years ago. Recently Jimmy was contacted by the Irish department of foreign affairs who asked if he could make up a frame of artificial fishing flies for them.

'I said that I could make up a frame and the Lady said that they would get back to me. Three weeks later someone rang and said that I could go ahead and do it for them but could I have it ready for them in two days. Two days! I said that this would be nearly impossible as it was very short notice. She then told me who the frame was for so I then told them that I would burn the midnight oil for them! I set to work and got the frame of River flies to them as requested. The frame was for the President of Ireland who was taking it with him as a gift on his state visit to the United Kingdom. They would not tell me anything else and asked if I would not say anything about it for the time being. A week later I was contacted again by the department and I was told that the frame had been presented to the Prince of Wales by the President on behalf of the Irish State. I have to say that I was greatly honored being a proud Welshman myself.'

Jimmy made two frames. The red frame below was presented to Prince Charles and consists of Irish Lough flies such as Red Sedge, Marsh Brown and the Silver Sedge. The blue frame above was made from bigger River flies and presented the Crane fly and Green Peter to name a few.