A different take on an intruder. Materials with a lot of movement and very little bulk. The shank and some medium eyes with these materials will help to get it t down and fishing.

- 35mm waddington shank http://www.partridge-of-redditch.co.u...

- z4 intruder hook http://www.partridge-of-redditch.co.u...

- Medium brass eyes - pink frosty dubbing https://frostyfly.com/shop/hemingways...

- UV peacock eyes - Pink Schlappen

- Lagartun French Flatbriad

- Arctic fox - blue - black schlappen

- blue flash - pink hackle tips

- Tip dyed marabou

Kevin Hospodar

Kevin is a self-taught fly fisherman and tier currently living in Pittsburgh PA.  His passion for all things fly sparked when he found his grandfathers old fiberglass rod and cork poppers at a young age.  Summers of harassing local bluegill and bass has transformed into fishing and tying to follow the seasons, including steelhead, warmwater, predator, and trout flies.   Kevin is currently the Content Director for Hatches Magazine, member of the Regal Vise Pro Staff, and scheming his next trip.

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