As we head into June I often tend to look more towards the higher wild lochs Scotland has in abundance and the fantastic fishing experience these wild upland places have to offer.

Mostly this means chasing smaller two or three to the pound traditional ‘lightning fast’ and hard fighting wild browns, however not all of them are small with some real eye opening possibilities tucked away in every corner, and each season I often catch most of my wild brown ‘Trophy Count’ in these far flung waters.

Fishing dries for all of these fish is my first choice as I simply love the experience of travelling light, covering a lot of water and watching the whole ‘take’ as it unfolds in front of me and this wee pattern certainly works well when called upon.

That being said I tend to fish this way on rainbow stocked waters as well and the fishing here can be as exciting especially when there’s a ‘pod’ of these fish cruising past the boat or feeding in the corners of our bankside fisheries.

This particular fly has been named after the dubbing material used which comes from the range of Andrew Ellis’s Troutstalker Dubbing Range available directly from Andrew via his Facebook page Andrew’s Scruffy Dubbing.  Here you can view his current range of colours and blends and prices as well as contact Andrew to enquire on the possibility of a more ‘custom’ blend of your own.

It works best for me fished static or with a very slow figure of eight retrieve as it sits half in-half out the surface film in that deadly easy picking position our fish love so much.

A joy to tie and an even better one to fish with and well worthy of a place in your selection as a general searching dry pattern.


Hook; Partridge K4A Grub / Shrimp Down Eye S 12 - 14
Butt; 8/0 Uni Florescent thread ‘Hot Orange’
Thread; 8/0 Uni thread Red
Body; Andrew’s Scruffy Dubbing-‘Highland Peat’
Rib; Tying thread
Legs; Pre-knotted Pheasant Tail
Wing(s); Deer Hair
Thorax; As body


Step 1 Place hook in vice and catch in UV thread and run slightly around bend to form 'butt'. Tie off thread and trim

Step 2 Catch in read thread and run down over florescent thread to secure and set the end of the body, return thread back up to rear of eye.

Step 3 Dub on a small amount of the 'Highland Peat' dubbing mix

Step 4 Run dubbing 'rope' down hook to form body then run thread back up to rib.

Step 5 Catch in a small bunch of pre-knotted PT legs tied onto the top of hook.

Step 6 Catch in a medium bunch of deer hair for 1st wing.

Step 7 Trim ends of deer hair and tie down then take pinch of dubbing and form thorax.

Step 8 Take 2nd lighter bunch of deer hair to form 2nd wing.

Step 9 Trim ends of deer hair leaving short 'tags' to form half 'muddler' head.

Step 10 Tie in thread below deer hair tags at head, whip finish then place small amount of varnish in thread.  Tie in over 1st whip finish then whip finish again for added strength.



Allan Liddle

Based in Moray in Scotland's North East, Allan has specialises with the wild trout from the rivers and burns, lochs and lochans throughout Mainland Scotland and the Isles. A strong passion for fishing simple dries he feels there's nothing better than to see the fish take off the top, but isn't slow to fish a range of different styles when mood or conditions dictate. Although trout is his first love Allan occasionally chases the Salmon, Grayling stocked fish and even dabbles in salt water when the chance arises.

Allan has also represented Scotland at international level, is a GAIA qualified trout instructor and a has been a regular contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine for almost twenty years. Allan’s love of fly tying spans almost thirty years and has been a regular at many tying demonstrations and work shops prior to, and since joining the Partridge Pro-Team in 2013.

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