PRO-Team member Rich Strolis shows how to tie this Acid Wash Olive with his video tutorial. To follow the tutorial please click on the materials image at the bottom of the post...






Hook: Partridge Sproat Wet (G3AY) size 14-18

Bead:  Gold Tungsten

Thread:  UTC 140 Olive

Tail:  Light Pardo Coq De Leon

Body:  Light Olive Acetate Floss

Rib:  XS- gold ultra wire

Abdomen:  Spiky Hair Ear colored black/olive

Wing-case:  Black Flashy Back


The Acid Wash Olive is just another option in your arsenal when blue winged olives are ready to hatch. When your other go to patterns raise the suspicions of the trout you seek, give this nymph a try as it has saved the day for me on many occasions. Like many smaller nymphs, this particular pattern fishes well as a dropper in either a tight line nymph rig or under an indicator in a suspension nymph rig, and can also be fished off of a short tag behind a rather bush dry fly.

When tying these little morsels, do yourself a solid and make sure that your fingers and nails are free of nicks and sharp edges as you will find in short time that the acetate floss will catch on even the smallest of edges, hopelessly fraying the floss into a knotted mess. 

I really became fond of this particular pattern because of the lifelike appearance the acetate floss has once it is fused to the fly with a few drops of Acetone. This little step darkens the colour of the materials while also giving it a wet appearance, very much like the naturals. The best attribute of the floss is how durable it is once fused with Acetone. The chemical reaction that is the byproduct of this minor addition makes for a virtually bombproof imitation that will catch multiples of fish without falling apart.  













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