This week's Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Thomas Zullich it's the Snowshoe Bluebottle...

Snowshoe hare wing, body is dubbed with a black antron dubbing mix ribbed with tinsel. 

This little fly is supposedly imitating a common housefly (Blue Bottle) but I guess fish do take it for a lot of other things too. 

Snowshoe is the "nickname" for arctic hare. The wing material is hair taken from in between the toes of an arctic hares foot. This material is hydrophobic, meaning is does not get wet. The natural color is white or slightly off white. It is very easy to see on the water.


Hook - CZ #16 & #18

Thread - Dyneema

Body - Antron dubbing ribbed with tinsel

Wing - Hares fur fibre's from in between the toes of an arctic hare natural white

Thorax - Peacock


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