This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Chris Reeves, he talks us though two Olive Variants

Two similar patterns, the olive version works well when Damsels are around, the heavy wire of the hook allows the fly to sink reasonably quickly whilst maintaining the slimness of the profile

The darker “sooty” pattern has worked well early season and during buzzer hatches as a top dropper above a team of buzzers.


Hook :- G3AL ,heavy wet fly

Thread:- Red 8/0 Uni thread

Tag on “sooty” variation only :- Red tying thread

Tail:- A small bunch of mallard flank or bronze mallard

Rib:- Very fine silver wire (wind rib over the red tag on the sooty version)

Body:- Olive green seals fur on the olive, sooty olive seals fur for the darker version

Wing:- Bronze Mallard

Head Hackle:- Whiting hen dyed Olive or Black 

Chris Reeves

Some of you may have met me at the British Fly Fair International, The Spring Flyfishing Show, at The Fly Dressers' Guild evenings, or perhaps at a European or American fly show. Others of you may have fished with or against me on the riverbank, lakeside or more likely in a boat during the “Loch Style” competition season, or in friendly outings run by clubs like Fishing For Fun. I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember and flyfishing for over 25 years. The world of flyfishing fascinates me, and as family and friends will testify, I’ll take every opportunity to fish for trout, salmon or other species, on rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or the sea, in the UK or other parts of the world ... Fly tying was a logical progression from flyfishing, so I started tying flies almost as soon as I began to flyfish, learning from books and from exchanging ideas with other fly tiers. I really enjoy the challenge of developing and tying new patterns, and then making sure they work. Well, you have to, don’t you? In 2006, Whiting Farms signed me up as a member of their Fly Tying Pro Team, giving me access to some fantastic materials which I hope to be able to share with you from time to time. In addition, in May 2010 I completed the Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guides course at Clearwater Lodge in California, USA. Since retiring from the Metropolitan Police in 2008 after 33 years of service, I’m able to dedicate more time to fishing and flytying.

Watch the view below of Chris tying a Turkey Nymph for Trout on a Partridge hook and Partridge stall.


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