This weeks Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Mark Roberts, it's the Orange Beaded Hare's Ear Shrimp..

Click here for the tutorial showing you how to tie an Orange Beaded Hare's Ear Shrimp.



Hook: Partridge Czech Nymph hook size 10

Silk: Sheer 14/0 coloured primrose yellow

Bead: 3.8mm tungsten bead coloured orange

Rib: Gold oval tinsel

Body: Hare's Ear dubbing

Thorax: UV Ice dubbing colour code 10


Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts is 56 years old married and has two children. He has been tying flies since the mid 70’s.

He is a long standing member of the Game Angling Instructors Association and holds their APGAI awards in Single handed and double handed fishing and Fly Dressing. He is a senior assessor and mentor for these qualifications within that organisation.

Mark fishes and teaches in the South Wales area concentrating on wild trout, grayling and salmon fishing on the Rivers Usk and Wye as well as fishing for sea trout (sewin) on the rivers Towy and Neath.

Mark has been involved in the promotion of Fly Dressing in both his local area and throughout the UK and can often be found at open days with tackle retailers demonstrating fly tying. He also attends many fly dressing clubs around the UK demonstrating and explaining fly tying techniques.

Mark has a passion for classical flies tied on traditional blind-eyed hooks with real gut eyes.

Mark maintains a club website which has regular articles on fly dressing techniques and fishing skills which may be found at