Fly Friday #46 and this week it is from PRO-Team member Thomas Zullich!

Thomas´ signature fly is tied with hair fibres taken from in between the toes of an arctic hare. 

The material is hydrophobic - The word hydrophobic literally means "water-fearing," and it describes the segregation and apparent repulsion between water and non-polar substances. We are not sure whether the hares hair is non-polar, but this material does not become wet. We assume that non-polarity is the cause. In simple terms - this fly floats like a cork, or even better.

It fishes amazingly well as a dry in dead drift as well as a twitched wet fly. It even resurfaces all on its own.

The answer to the "one fly only" question? Yes, maybe so ...

To follow step-by-step tying instructions from Thomas to tie this fly please click here!

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