For this Fly Friday I’d like to share with you the “Flashtail Jig”….
This is a variation of my all-time favourite Pike fly, Dan Blanton’s Flashtail Whistler. But for this version, we dispense with the whistling bead-chain eyes and replace them with lead or tungsten dumbells in order to help keel the hook to fish the fly point up, jig style.
I like to use this fly early in the season for post-spawn Pike as it allows me to fish the fly slowly, usually on a Di3 line, often bumping along the bottom, giving the Pike plenty of time to find the fly. Often at this time of year the Pike can still be a bit sluggish so slow retrieves and sinking lines are usually the order of the day to get the fly jigging slowly along the bottom and inducing the Pike into a response.
The fly isn’t just limited to cold water and slow fishing though, because of its “hook up” orientation in the water, it’s also a really good option when fishing snaggy, shallow venues at any time of the year. Give it a swim and see for yourself.
Hook: 4/0 Partridge Universal Predator X Jig60.
Thread: UTC GSP
Tail: Hedron Flashabou in silver with pearl along sides.
Body: White Bucktail veiled with Craft fur or marabou for more density. Silver Hackle flash. Grizzle hackles. Hedron Opal Lateral Scale.
Collar: Red Craft fur. Flame/Red Roe Predator Dubbing well brushed out to mix.
Eyes: Lead or tungsten dumbells.

Dougie Loughridge

Dougie Loughridge is from Glasgow, Scotland. He is a passionate angler and being from Scotland, is spoilt for choice when it comes to fishing locations. A relative late-comer to the sport, he first started fishing around the age of 13 on a small farm pond near his family home, dangling a worm on an oversized hook on crude, old fashioned tackle. However, there was always an accommodating little Perch waiting to engulf the offering….those bristling spines, vivid orange fins and stone-cold, killer’s eyes…..what a fantastic creature. As they say, he was hooked.

As early as a year or so later he started flyfishing for trout, fishing small put and take fisheries as well as some of the larger local Lochs and Rivers. Fly-tying also started around the time he first got interested in flyfishing. As a bit of an artist, the creative side of flyfishing appealed greatly, particularly creating flies for Pike and other predators. In the past few years he has practised this art at FlyFairs in Britain and Europe. As well as having had several Pike over the magical 20lb mark on the fly, Dougie has also featured in numerous magazine publications.

Dougie is also an S.G.A.I.C qualified single handed casting instructor and can be contacted for tuition as well as guided fishing.

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