Our 17th Fly Friday is the Articulated Musky Fly tied by PRO-Team member Kevin Branch.

The fly details are below - The colour is fantastic, wouldnt you agree?


Hook: Predator X 6/0 Front, 55mm Shank, 4/0 Rear

White sythetic fiber
White Bucktail
Grizzly hackle
Finished with a collar of Chartreuse Bucktail

White bucktail collar hackle with grizzly hackle

Grizzly hackle followed by dyed Chartreuse grizzly
Chartreuse bucktail collars through out.
3d Predator eyes

Head: Black thread finished with Deer creek UV Resin


Kevin Branch was born in New Brunswick Canada where he resides in Burton N.B., Kevin's target species of fish are BrookTrout and Atlantic Salmon which he fishes from the banks of the Miramichi river and tucked away brooksthrough out northern N.B. He began tying only for a few years but has gained popularity in the tying and angling community with his unique style of Hairwing Salmon flies.