This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Jo Stephenson an it's The Samurai... 

This is my variant of a fly tied by Mikael Frodin, which he tied to rival the sunray shadow. The last two summers I spent working at Reisastua Salmon lodge in Northern Norway, and this was a really successful fly for the big salmon we have in the Reisa. Tied on a tube and used with a Partridge Patriot Stinger.

Inner tube: 1.8mm
Outer tube:  3.0mm
Thorax: Veniards Chartreuse glister sparkle
Legs: Chartreuse rubber legs two either side
Underwing: Foxy tails Black shadow fox
Overwing: Foxy tails Pseudo monkey  or Nayat
Head: Foxy Tails black tanuki finn raccoon
Cheeks: Jungle Cock

Jo Stephenson

I live in the Suffolk country side with my husband Jonny and our 2 labradors Eider and Steller. I discovered fishing at 17 when I first met Jonny, I went along with him on trips and eventually decided to have a go. I started with lure fishing where we would fish for Pike, Perch and Sea Bass. We took a year out in our early 20s and it was whilst we were in New Zealand I first found out about fly fishing and fly tying. When I returned to the UK I bought a 'how to' tying book, a vice and a few bits and pieces and have never looked back. Eight years on I still love everything fly fishing, and the only thing that has changed is the huge amount of tying materials , equipment and fly rods that have taken over our house!

I mainly tie flies for Pike, Perch, Chub and Bass, but when I got married we had our honeymoon in Zambia where I tied flies to target Tiger Fish. I have a long bucket list for species I want to fly fish for with my flies -  Dorado, GT, Bonefish.....the norm! But for now you will find me drifting down the sleepy rivers of East Anglia in my kayak, 10 weight in hand looking for that monster Esox and dreaming of fishing the world!

In 2015 I took part in BBC2s Earths Wildest Waters : The Big Fish, a televised fishing competition which took me all over the world. I reached the semi-final but unfortunately missed was not given a place in the final. It was an amazing experience and I was super fortunate to have had the opportunity.

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