This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Krystian Niemy and it's The Grey Wet Fly...

I have for you my wet fly killer from this year, which was highly effective for trout, chub and grayling in my local rivers. Simple combination of colors: fluo orange tag, grey body with pearl tinsel and my favourite feather for hackle - partridge.


Hook: for wet fly no. 8-14, here the Partridge Sproat Wet
Thread: Fine Thread in Fluo Orange
Body: Hare Pearl dubbing
Ribbing: Round Pearl Tinsel 
Hackle: grey partridge 

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7.     8. 

Krystian Niemy

Krystian has been tying flies since 1998 and this is the passion of his life. He lives in the south of Poland, near the Czech Republic border.

Everything begin when he wanted to buy some trout flies, at local small fishing shop and he couldn't. His first fly (green nymph) Krystian tied without a fishing vise, but with combination pliers in which he attached the hook.

With this nymph he has caught his first brown trout on local river - that was the beginning of his tying story.

Krystian likes testing fly tying materials and each year is waiting for tying season, when many companies are sending him new products for him to test.

The most important thing to Krystian are his tying tools, he likes and appreciates good quality tools and has many of them from European and US brands. He says that working with good quality tying tool is always pleasure.

His favourite fish is brown trout, but he likes to fish grayling, pike, chub and other species in rivers and reservoirs. No matter whether is this small dry fly tied on 22 size hook or big pike fly tied on 5/0 strong hook being on fishing and communing with nature this is what he likes.

Since 2009 in free time he adds new fly patterns to his website click here to see these.

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