This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Fergal Collery and it's The Willie Gunn Flamethrower...

Hook: Gold Patriot size 8
Tag: X-small oval gold
Rear Body: Gold holographic Flat Braid (Add a gold rib if you wish but braid is quiet robust and doesn’t necessarily need to be ribbed liked tinsel`s)
Mid hackle and wing: Long yellow cock Hackle, I like the yellow hackle tied in long and extending out beyond the back of the hook for extra movement. The wing is a mix of orange and yellow bucktail and highlighted with gold Krystal flash.
Front Body: Gold Lite – brite with an oval gold rib.
Wing: Black squirrel Tail or Bucktail ensuring its tied in sparse
Head Hackles: An Orange hen hackle followed by a black hen hackle with jungle cock cheeks
Head : Its Red on this one but synonymous with the flamethrower patterns is a pearl head. 

Fergal Collery

My name is Fergal Collery. I`m 18 years old and I come from a small little village in county Sligo which is located in the Northwest of Ireland.

Since I was a child, I have always had a keen interest in fishing. I was probably nine when I got my first spinning rod but it wasn’t until later, when I was in my teens that I developed a keen interest in fly-fishing and fly tying.

One day I met a family friend who was an avid fisherman, he explained to me about a salmon fly which he was having a lot of success with. The fly was the Poshtosh. I have always being creative and enjoyed making things and working with my hands so I decided to have a crack at fly tying. Ever since then, I have being tying flies - and that is probably four or five years ago now.

I predominantly tie all salmon flies but I wouldn’t say that I have a favourite fly - I enjoy tying many different styles and variations of patterns and sometimes I like to add my own little twists.  With social media and so many excellent fly tyre’s posting regularly it is a great source of inspiration. I really enjoy going to the shows and demonstrations, as it is a great opportunity to meet people who have an appreciation for the sport and share ideas.