This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Marcus Zetterblad and it's The Flatwing.... 

Hook: ACS/E #1
Stinger: Z4 #4, stinger attachment is 0,74mm fluorocarbon 
Tail: White bucktail, 2-3 feathers from Whiting high and dry (or similar) and some strands (4max) of your favorite flash.
Body: Ice dub pearl 
Underside: White bucktail and some ripple ice in pearl.
Sides: It's up to you and what you want to imitate, my favorite is a mix of fluorescent blue, pink and chartreuse bucktail.
Topside: Ripple ice in olive or peacock, 1 or 2 High and Dry feathers in a darker color and some bucktail in the same color. 
The head: Two strands of flash to cover the tying thread, some 3D eyes and UV resin or epoxy to finish it of.