This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Marcus Zetterblad and it's The Flatwing.... 

Hook: ACS/E #1
Stinger: Z4 #4, stinger attachment is 0,74mm fluorocarbon 
Tail: White bucktail, 2-3 feathers from Whiting high and dry (or similar) and some strands (4max) of your favorite flash.
Body: Ice dub pearl 
Underside: White bucktail and some ripple ice in pearl.
Sides: It's up to you and what you want to imitate, my favorite is a mix of fluorescent blue, pink and chartreuse bucktail.
Topside: Ripple ice in olive or peacock, 1 or 2 High and Dry feathers in a darker color and some bucktail in the same color. 
The head: Two strands of flash to cover the tying thread, some 3D eyes and UV resin or epoxy to finish it of. 

Marcus Zetterblad

My name is Marcus, I'm born and raised in the archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. I started flyfishing and tying flies at the age 12 and for me the brackish waters of the archipelago became my home water were I could evolve my flyfishing and flytying. It didn't took long before I was charmed by the mysterious sea run browns that live along the coastal line of Scandinavia. 

I still consider the coast my home water and I still enjoy fishing it for sea runs browns, pike and perch. Later on I really got into the articulated streamer fishing, but I try to adapt them more for the coastal flyfishing.