This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Jason Renaud and it's The Negative Warrior Fly....

Hook: G3AY Sproat Wet (size 10-14)
Bead: Black Tungsten (2mm-3.5mm)
Thread: Black 70 Denier
Tail: Guinea Fowl Fibers
Rib: Copper Brassie Wire
Abdomen: Pearl Flash W/ Black Thread Base
Thorax: Purple, Black UV Ice Dubbing and Natural Mink Blend

A photo negative version of Rainbow Warrior type patterns, the Negative Warrior is a dark, abstract larval pattern designed for low light and turbid water conditions. 

After a heavy down pour, or after the sun goes down, most fish, particularly trout, still actively feed.

In turbid water conditions, darker colored insects make a starker contrast than that of lighter colored insects. This means that in these conditions, darker colored insects in particular become more visible to predators; and therefore, become the main food source. 

During night time hours, most trout can see very well on low light spectrums. In some areas, trout and other cold water species are known to feed more actively at night. This is attributed to their vision not being hindered by the bright sun; and in the same sense, not being made visible to diurnal predators (eagles, anglers, etc.) by that same bright sun.

The Negative Warrior’s dark colors, along with its enhanced UV reflective qualities, make it one of the staple abstract patterns for targeting trout, or other cold water species, in turbid or low light conditions.

Even if the water resembles chocolate milk due to a recent heavy rain, or if your only available time to fish is at night, get out on your favorite stream and give the Negative Warrior a try. You just may be able to turn negative conditions into positive results.