This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Phillippa Hake and it is The Perdigon nymph...

The Perdigon nymph was developed by Spanish anglers, to target trout and grayling on heavily fished rivers. The fly its self can be tied on either a jig style hook or a standard nymph hook, personally I love to tie this fly on the Wide Gape Jig.  When tying this pattern the key is to keep the profile of the body as slim as you can but still have a nice tapered body to the fly, this will aid in a faster sink rate meaning you can get down quicker in them deeper pools and find them fish!

You can use many materials to tie a Perdigon nymph, quills, tinsel, or even just thread. My favourite material to use is stripped quill, it gives a lovely segmented body when finished and coated with UV resin.  Many fly tyers like to add a hot spot just behind the bead, this can also be in a range of colours, most use pink or a hot orange.

I fish this fly as a team of two when nymphing on my local river, a heavier size 16 on the point and size 18 on the dropper.