This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Michael McAuliffe and it's The Foam and Hackle Coffin Fly....

Hook: Partridge of Redditch H1A Size 8-10
Thread: Black Uni 6/0
Tails: 3 Moose Body Hairs
Abdomen: 1 Strip of 1/8 White Evazote Foam wrapped from the front of the shank to the bend and back up toward the eye
Thorax: 2 Strips of 1/8 Black Evazote Foam one tyed on the top and one on the bottom of the shank and fold over parted hackle toward the eye.
Wings: 2 Whiting Farms Grizzly Cape Feathers (oversized by one or two hook sizes) palmered forward and forced equally to the left and right of the shank

This pattern is designed to be fished in extra difficult conditions. This is my go to when dealing with low water, very slow flats, or fish feeding in any combination of the first two conditions coupled with brighter light. A good example is when fish are eating the previous nights spinners or the spinner fall happens an hour or two before sundown. The fly thistles down, rides flush, and leaves a very natural imprint in the surface film to fool wary Trout. 

Michael McAuliffe

Michael began fly fishing at the age of ten with his father on the Famed Battenkill River in NY and VT. He Fly Fishes for a huge array of warm/cold freshwater, and saltwater species including Steelhead, Carp, False Albacore, Striped Bass, Weakfish, Blue Fish, Walleye, Pike, Shad, Bass and Trout. Michael guides a few days a week for Trout in NJ.

Michael is the Director of Marketing (Web/Print/Social Media), Pro Staff Director, and a Product designer for REGAL VISE. He is also the instructor for the REGAL Fly Tying School. Michael favors well tied simple guide style flies. If he cannot tye it in five minutes, it is not getting tied.

Michael divides his time equally between his family, Fly Fishing/Guiding/Tying, and commercial design/web work. Somehow he still finds time to fish occasionally and tell you that you need to clean up your drift.

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