This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Jacques Heroux and it is The Green Machine....

If you would ask most of the Atlantic salmon Fly fisherman on the any of Eastern Canadian Rivers: If you would have only one fly on your fly box, what would it be? Most of them would probably answer the Green Machine!

The Green Machine, also called Buck Bug/ Green Body, is for the last twenty years, probably the most popular salmon fly on the Miramichi, Restigouche and Gaspe Peninsula Rivers.

Twenty years ago on the Miramichi Rivers, I don't remember seeing the Green Machine salmon fly fished so heavily. At this time, if we had to use a green color salmon fly, the Cosseboom was the fly of choice at the end of our line. Since the popularity of the Green Machine, the Cosseboom left most of the fly boxes.

According to Stewart and Allen, the Buck bug was introduced by Father Elmer Smith in the 1960's. Jerry Doak of Doaktown New Brunswick helped popularize this fly on the Miramichi.

Since its creation, lots of variations of the Green machine were created. There is the original version, the Buck Bug/ Green Body, the body tied with green deer hair, a green or red butt tied with wool and a brown hackle in the body. The Green Machine will oftentimes fish right under the surface or even in the film. There are many variants with color and type of tail (or no tail) being the determining change.

On the Miramichi rivers, most of the Green machine are tied on single wet hooks like the Partridge Heavy single M-2. On the Restigouche and the Gaspe Peninsula rivers, most of the tiers are using double hooks sizes between 2 and 8. For the single salmon hook, they are using black style < up eye >. Personally, I have lot of success with Green Machine tied on double hook sizes # 8 and 10 and single salmon hook size # 6 and 8.

To date, nobody can explain the reason why the Green machine is so effective in our rivers. Like I mentioned earlier, twenty years ago, the popularity of the Green Machine was less than today. Since then, the Green machine has hooked countless Atlantic salmon, even with a lack of esthetic compare to most of salmon flies! You can find all style of the Green Machine in my new book ‘’Atlantic Salmon Flies’’.


The Green Machine 

Hook: Partridge Heavy single M-2, size 8

Thread: Uni 8/0 black or Semperfli Nano silk Black

Tag: Oval silver tinsel

Tail: Pearl Krystal Flash

Butt: Fluorescent Green Floss followed by Fluorescent Red Floss

Body: Dyed Green Deer Body Hair spun and clipped into a cigar shape

Hackle: Brown saddle hackle palmered forward through the body

Head: Black