This weeks Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Stefano Ticchiati and it is the The Deer Ant.... 

Dressing - 
Hook: Partridge K4AY-SE 10/12/14/16
Body: black foam
Torax: swiss cdc artic dubbing(or other spiky dubbing)
Wing: antron yarn
Legs: deer hair
Head: black foam


This fly could be considered an universal fly: trouts love to eat ants in every river or stream around the world!  I use this fly since summer until autumn with good results in many streams. Here I’ve used an hook designed for emerger, shrimps, grubs not for terrestrial, but its shape, with a large gape and the straight eye, make it perfect to tie terrestrial flies like ants. The materials with which it is tied guarantee its floating (foam), visibility (antron yarn) and movement (spiky dubbing and deer hair).