This weeks 'Fly Friday' focuses on a competition fly and is from PRO-Team member Jason Renaud. Jason has tied his own version of the Walt's worm - The Sparse Worm. It is tied very sparse with a hot spot.

'This is probably one of the best top 5 go to competitive fly patterns

A hydrodynamic version of the classic, the Sparse Worm (or Sparse Sexy Walt's) can be found in every serious competitor's fly box. When fishing pressured water on a timeline, sparse patterns that abstractly imitate many species of insect larvae are best utilized.

This pattern in particular is a survey pattern imitating many larval insects found on any stream. In the US, it is used to imitate caddis fly larvae and midge larvae. The colour of hares ear can be adjusted to suit any stream's insect inhabitants around the world. The slim profile and tungsten bead allow for it to be presented effectively through fast skinny runs by sinking down immediately, and bouncing over rocks with its Partridge upturned jig hook.

Without the heavy bead the fly would take more time to sink - wasting 30% of each drift. Abstract is the object in fast runs because fish only have a split second to decide whether or not to bite. In situations like that, a pattern specifically imitating just one insect may get passed up, over a pattern like this that can be representing numerous species of insects that the fish is currently feeding on. This particular fly can be tied in numerous sizes to imitate local insect larvae sizes.'

Tied on Partridge jig size 14
Ribbing - medium pearl flash
Dubbing - hares ear
Bead - 3mm slotted disco bead
Thread - hot pink 70 denier.

Jason recently recieved bronze at a competition in New York. To read more about his success click here...




Jason Renaud started fishing when he was three years old with his grandfather on the banks of the Detroit River catching perch. At the age of 15 he taught himself how to fly fish out of curiosity for a new way to catch fish. His first catch on a fly rod, believe it or not, was a channel catfish taken with a hex pattern. Currently Jason travels the US East Coast competing in Trout Legend League fly fishing tournaments.