This weeks Fly Friday is from New PRO-Team member Karsten Neben, its 'The Poodle'

A popular Japanese dry called a poodle with a western twist. My Japanese friend Hitoshi introduced me to the poodle some years back on a fishing trip. The idea behind the fly is that you can get away with a larger hook than usual as the fish focus on the separate ball/pom poms. The original is usually tied with undersized hackle traveling high up the post and on a curved hook, I took a little creative license ;)


Lashed to a Partridge SLD 14

Nanosilk 30d brick beige

Peacock herl 


Yellow para post


Karsten Neben

I'm a hopeless fly fishing and tying addict currently based in Melbourne Australia. Largely self taught I've been lashing fur and feather to hook for 25+ years. I love the history of our sport and tying anything troutie from classic Catskill dries through to jig head nymphs.

My favourite kind of fishing is stalking and sight fishing for browns in flowing water.

I enjoy teaching and introducing others to tying and fly fishing. It's a rewarding experience to play a small part in helping someone on their journey. If you're interested in viewing some of my work, you can find me on Facebook as Karsten Neben or Instagram as flyfischa.