This weeks Fly Friday is from Steve Silverio, it's the Redfish Jig Fly......

For the longrodder targeting big predators, it is essential  that his gear be up to the task. Rod, reel, line and leader will all be tested to their maximum limits, should he connect with that "Fish of a Lifetime". Anglers who regularly pursue these behemoth  beasties know full well that you are only as good as the weakest link in your tackle chain.

It follows then, that the hook you choose must also be of top quality. As the ultimate point of connection between fisherman and quarry, it is the first consideration for any angler expecting  a successful  outcome.

Based on the now famous Absolute Predator, the Extreme Predator Jig45 (CS88-J45) was designed  to provide the biggest fly chassis  for the most aggressive  species. Incorporating a  45 degree down-eye jig bend, heavy wire diameter, forged for strength and a micro-barbed stickey-sharp needle point for absolute penetration, this hook stands at the top of its class as the ideal pattern for everything from monster muskie and pike to cow bass and bull redfish.


Hook:       Extreme Predator Jig45 (CS88-J45)

Thread:      White, black at head

Tail:      Yellow Euro-hackle, tied in flatwing

Wing:       Yellow  & Chartreuse bucktail (tied in Hollow-fleye style)

Flash:      Yellow DNA flash

Collar:     Green Arctic Fox

Topping:    Peacock herl & Peacock DNA

Eye:    CCG  eyes