This week the Fly Friday comes from PRO Team member Matthew Pate it is the Blob....

This is a pattern that's a must in any stillwater angers flybox. Very easy fly to tie with very little materials need.

Top tip - Get yourself an old toothbrush and after you tied the fly moisten the fritz then take your brush and brush all the fritz forward over the eye untrapping all caught fibres then brush all the fritz back giving you a plush looking blob.


Material list 

Hooks - Patriot SWW

Thread - utc 70 Fl orange 

Fritz - 15mm flybox comp sunburst gel core 


Matthew Pate

Hi, I’m Matthew I’ve been fishing in the small waters and rivers of Wales since the age of eleven. I have also tied flies from the very beginning too. Being a self-taught fly tyer and a quick learner, tying flies became a massive part of my hobby and it quickly turned into an addiction, just as important as the fishing itself.

In 2014 I gained my first welsh cap in the small Still Water International, which was one of the greatest honours I will probably achieve. In close second was coaching the 2015 Team in their match in Ireland. Smallwater fishing is my passion. I learnt my trade on my club water which is just ten minutes from my home (LLYN FAWR). So this is the discipline where I spend most of my time fishing but I do also fish river and the big water when I can to keep things fresh.

I don’t really have a specific type of fly that I like to tie but I do cover a lot in my tying, everything from big gory lures to little delicate dry flies but given the choice a particular type of fly that I’d like to try, would have to be Nymphs.