This week we are being spoiled with two patterns from Bob Clouser, they are 'The Clouser Minnow and The Clouser/Kreh Half and Half

Materials for the tiger fish flies

The Clouser Minnow

Hook: Partridge Attitude Extra Hook in sizes 2/0 -1/0-1
Eyes: Medium size painted red with black pupil.
Under wing: Deer tail hair fibers
Mid wing: Flashabou or Krystal flash or both mixed.
Top Wing: Deer tail hair fibers
The finished head thread and eyes are covered with 30 minute Z-Poxy

The Clouser/Kreh Half and Half

Rear wing: tied in back of the eyes 4 to 6 saddle hackles
Rear collar: deer tail fibers tied around the clump of tied in feathers rear of the eyes.
Bottom Wing: or belly-deer hair fibers clouser style
Mid wing: approximately 20 strands of flashabou matching color selected.
Top wing: deer tail hair fibers- clouser style.