This week's Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Jason Renaud, it's the Purple Nymph...

This contrasting-segment style fly was designed with two things in mind: the colour purple and being abstractly representative of many aquatic insects. It has brought me much success during competitions when other patterns have received only but an inquisitive glance.

I wanted to see how some of my patterns faired in Europe, so I shared this pattern with famous fly angler and founder of Sunray, Tom Bell, to test on his home waters with his superbly designed competition fly lines. In his exclusive article titled Flies of the Year, Tom confirmed the effectiveness of this pattern by stating, "The Hodder, in particular, holds some big grayling and this pattern consistently seduces them. In micro sizes it worked well in Austria on lake grayling too".

This pattern can be tied in multiple sizes to suit your needs, but it's best with the G3AY sproat wet or SUJ jig.

If you aren't having much luck with natural colors, go purple.


Hook: G3AY Sproat Wet 14

Thread: 70 denier Danville cream

Bead: 2mm-4mm brass

Tail: Grizzly hackle fibers

Hot Butt: Purple floss

Rib: Small black wire

Collar: Purple UV dubbing blended with mink