This week for Fly Friday, new PRO-Team member Giovanni De Pace has created The Wave Tail.....

When You are offshore on the boat and suddenly the water is ' boiling ' and predators and victims on the run, you feel pervaded by a strong adrenaline rush, you feell dizzy and frantic at the same time, your brain yells : Hurry up !!!!! You have roll out the fly line and begin to cast your fly ...

Also it can happen that our imitation is not even deign to look, while a fly that gave me alot of satisfaction is just the ' Wave Tail '. There are mainly two great merits of this pattern a good movement in to the water and a good likeness to the forage fish, characteristics allowed me several times to get the better. Another positive note is that fly is very simple to tie. Just try and see!


Hook : Partridge Attitude Extra Hook ACS/E #2

Tail : Wave Tail holo Silver #L  (Fishon)

Body : Fine Sctra flash dubbing Ice Pearl (Sybai)

Upper body : Senyo laser dub Tan

Lower Body : Senyo laser dub White

Eyes : 3D eyes Holo silver 6mm. (Sybai)