This weeks Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Thomas Züllich it's The Stonefly Nymph...

Specifically after having tied several dozen of the same pattern it is relaxing to tie these type of «one offs» and play around with the camera a little. The key carp on my left arm seemed very interested at least. ;-)

P.S. - the symbol on the head of the carp is the New Zealand Mauri symbol called Hai Matau -- a small but very beautiful and meaningfull detail. 

from wikipedia: Originally Maori have been fisherman. One of their main food source was the sea, so a fish hook of high quality was a very valuable item to own. Worn around the neck the hook became a symbol of prosperity, abundance, good health, power, authority & repect for the sea & life in it. It also represents good luck & safe journey & safety while travelling over water.

Semi realistic Stonefly Nymph Materials:

Tied on CZ size 12. Materials

Virtual Nymph Products Flexibody,

Dyneema Thread,

Partridge of Redditch Master Series dubbing dark olive,

Ostrich feather fibers for legs.