This weeks Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Jason Renaud, it;s The P.S Midge...

First introduced to me by New Jersey competitor Petr Sekac, this midge variant is a go-to favorite among competitors in the US--especially when faced with a section full of "skinny", shallow runs. Like most competition-style nymph patterns, the P.S. Midge is designed to abstractly imitate many varieties of aquatic insects to suit the angler who may be new to a section of stream or uncertain of what species of insects the fish are keying in on.

With its robust Sproat Wet hook and low profile, it will sink down fast and present naturally tumbling along the lower portion of a run. Also, it can very effectively present mid-current as a rising/swimming midge larvae.


Hook: Sproat Wet (G3AY) Size 14

Bead: Silver Slotted Tungsten

Thread/Abdomen: Black 70 Denier Veevus (or equivalent)

Rib: Silver Wire Small

Thorax: Purple UV Ice Dubbing

Tail: Black/White Guinea Fibers