This week's Fly Friday is from Pro-Team member Daniela Misteli, it's the Baitfish Pattern..

This is a easy and cheap pattern for still water, I fish it for seatrout, pike and perch. The Craft Fur gives the fly a lot of movement and the big head disturb the water and makes some "noise". The trick with the Soft Sonic Disc makes it really easy that you have that perfect round head without a big effort. Of course you can add some lead to fish it deeper or some hackles. So give it a try and hopefully you catch fish with it! 

Material List

- Partridge Attitude Extra (Size 2)

- Craft Fur (in olive, sand and red)

- maybe some lead (just if you like)

- Soft Sonic Disc from Pro-Sportfisher

- some eyes 

- and UV glue or epoxy to fix the head


Please click here to see a step by step guide.