Just last month saw The Atlantic Salmon Fly International Expo take place over the 17th and 18th of May 2014 in Renton, Washington State. Tyers from 12 countries attended to demonstrate their skills in tying salmon flies. The event was organised by the Northwest Salmon Fly Guild. PRO-team members Chris Reeves, Lee Schechter and Paul Little attended the show representing Partridge. 
Lee said, 'The venue was terrific and it was all very well organised. It was the ultimate in hospitality for those attending and in addition to the fly tyers were also hook making demonstrations and seminars on specific topics related to salmon fly tying.'
Chris added, 'The show was very interesting, Not only were some of the worlds top tiers on show but there were also several hook makers  present (Including Ron Lucas snr.).
There was lots of interest in the new black nickel finish on the M2 salmon hooks and also in the new intruder shanks. While the show was aimed at the Salmon fly tier, nearly all of the local tiers and most of the visitors were die hard steelhead fishermen and very interested to see the new Patriot singles which sadly were not available at the time but it was good to see people enthusiastic about the new hook. I tied hairwing salmon flies on the Patriot doubles, the M2 and the N2.'