This pattern is out of a Mike Martinek pattern book.  The fly is not credited to him in the book.  It may have been his, some else’s or one that he improved on.

Partridge CS17-7X #4 Heritage Streamer Hook

Tag:  Copper flat tinsel 3 turns will do
Body: Hot orange floss
Rib: Silver flat tinsel (medium)
Belly:  Hot orange calf tail to the bend of the hook with sparse white bucktail slightly longer than the hook below the calf tail.
Throat: White hen fibers
Underwing: 6 peacock herls 
Wings:  2 hot orange Ewing hackles and 2 hot red flanked by a smokey grizzly on the outside
Shoulder: Black mallard flank 
Cheeks: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Tying notes:  Some say you can’t stack calf tail.  Maybe it should be better stated as calf tail doesn’t stack easily.  I stack the calf tail in this pattern.  Use a bone comb to semi align the hair.  Place the tips in first using a large stacker.  Rap the base of the stacker a few times.  Separate the stacker and pull the tips out.  Comb the hair again and repeat the stacking process.  They should be aligned fairly well at this point.  Just remove any hairs that are out of line.  In my opinion this pattern works well with jungle cock nails that are on the larger size.

Scott A. Biron

Scott Biron cut his teeth learning to tie flies and fly fish back in the 1960s in the North County of New Hampshire. He has fished many of the streams north of route 26 in NH and his favorite the Androscoggin River. An active fly tying instructor for NH Fish & Game and is popular tying and instructing in regional shows. Scott was awarded the 2017 NH Traditional Arts Grant and studied the art of fly tying under Peggy Brenner.

In March of 2018 he ​was added to the prestigious NH Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing. He has a strong interest in historical NH fly tyers and their lost patterns and has published, researched, instructed as well as demonstrated many of these lost NH fly patterns. Scott instructs individuals of all ages in the art of fly tying and is known for including the history of these tyers and their flies in his instruction. Each year he is a volunteer instructor at NH Fish & Game's Camp Barry's Fish Camp where he instructs over 50 young campers in fly tying and fly fishing. A member of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild and author for the NH Wildlife Journal with an article on Caddis Flies.

Scott is a member of the Regal Vice Pro Team, Partridge Pro Endorsed Team, Solarez Pro Team, Ewing Feather Birds Pro Team a Fulling Mill Ambassador and enjoys relationships with Orvis, Loon Outdoors and Hareline.

New London, New Hampshire USA