Simone Chesi

Hello my name is Simone Chesi'm 41 and I live in a small town in the province of Pisa (italy)

I am passionate about fly fishing from an early age, various practical techniques of this fishery, both in the river and at sea.

In my journey as a fisherman I had the good fortune to meet many people both in the construction in the fishing scene, as each of them I tried to learn as much as possible, for my own personal growth.

The places that I attend most are rivers and streams on the Appennines, with some outlets abroad: Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Venezuela .....

The technique that I practice more in recent years is the nymph fishing in all its variants.

The world of construction was immediately a fixation, at the beginning since there is all the information I have today found many difficulties in learning the basics of this fascinating art, with the passage of time I managed through magazines, books, friends, and lots of practice; to expand my knowledge.

Today my imitations are almost exclusively of fishing flies, I like to experiment with different materials that the global market offers us, the various techniques of construction and all that this fantastic world offers us.

My motto: there is always impare all