Fabio Federighi

Hello everyone. I am 50 years old and live in Florence in Tuscany.

The passion of my life is fly fishing and I have practised since I was 15 years old. This passion has led me to fish around the world, Alaska, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and close to Italy in Austria, Croatia and Bosnia. I fish for Trout, Grayling and Salmon but I also enjoy fishing in the sea, along the coast of Tuscany on my hunt for Sea Bass, Blue fish and Runner fish.

My passion for fly tying was an immeadiate start up, I like to build a little of dry flies, nymphs, wet, salmon flies and saltwater - sometimes even the hyper realistic. 

With my friend Gianluca Nocentini I wrote the 'Manual of Modern Manufacturer of Artificial Flies' and I write on the greater Italian magazine of fly fishing, sometimes also collaborating with some European magazines.

I have attended several times the Danish fly fair, Dutch fly fair as well as the Swedisj and British Fly and Game Fair. I was tying flies at the WTO in Italy and in Somerset New Jersey at The Fly Tying Symposium. I am also taking two workshops in Denmark at the FFFDK and in Italy I take fly tying classes and workshops. I will be present at the next EWF2015.

If possible, I like to fish a dry fly and I like to see the attack of the fish, but I always try to be versatile in technique and remain open to new things.

I am very excited and grateful to be joining the Partridge PRO-Team!