Daniela Misteli

My name is Daniela Misteli, I live in a small city in the middle of Switzerland and I am 28 years young.

Like most of "us" my Dad infected me with the "fishing-virus" when I was a small girl. Of course we fished mostly with bait in the beginning but when I was 12 he brought me to my first fly-fishing course. I started to tie some really ugly flies with some swan feathers I found and the hair of our dog...

After some years without fishing or tying, but with a lot of girly stuff, I came back to this hobby and started to fish again. After loosing a bet on a pinball machine against my husband I had to tie a hell of a lot of nymphs, and soon after I was spending a lot of time on my vise. Nymphs, Drys, Streamers, Tubes and last year I started to tie classics.

I'm traveling as much as possible for fishing; we've visited Italy, Sweden, Austria, Russia, Alaksa and yearly Denmark. My favorite fish is the Seatrout, catching her on the coast.

There is nothing better than to catch a fish with your own tied fly!