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River Days March 2013

Fly shows in the UK have become a mishmash of cheap rods, discounted waders and end-of-line tackle sales and in many cases do not promote the discipline that is at the heart of their very existence. Reaching back into Partridges rich and innovative past, I decided that we should re-invent Partridge Days and get the focus back into fly tying .
We selected river days as our first event to offer something to fly dressers in the South of England and to shine a light on the chalk streams that are so often overlooked in other events – the result was an intimate weekend with some great fly dressers and some smiling faces and comments from delegates that showed me that it was worth the effort and is a format that we should develop long into the future to ensure that fly fishermen do NOT forget how to tie flies!
Mark Hamnett, 11 March 2013