Fly Tying Tutorial: Corrikiller

Pro-Team member Allan Liddle shows how to tie the Corrikiller in his latest tutorial.


Hook: Partridge Patriot Fine Dry size 12-14 (good alternative is Partridge Dry Fly Supreme 12-16)
Thread: Black Uni 6/0 or 8/0
Tag: Glowbrite Florescent Floss no5
Rib: Tying thread tag
Body: Black rabbit and Hare mix with a pinch of olive glister
Wing: Very sparse natural comparadun deer hair
Hackle: Two or three turns max white cock hackle trimmed level below.

A good variation of this is to substitute the red tag for Glowbrite no11 (flo green) a colour wild fish can find so attractive.

Fishing the Corriekiller is easy, simply 'Gink' the entire fly and pitch it in front of (slightly upstream) rising fish, or over any likely looking areas you see. I like to fish it 'Dead Drift' keeping the line almost tight but not adding any further movement to the fly as it fishes through the desired area. However i said it was a versatile fly and working a figure of eight, or even sometimes a pulled retrieve can prove effective, as can swinging the fly on a traditional short line across the wave. The white hackle helps it stand out so 'tracking' it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you feel the full blown white hackle is too much for you just change it for a grizzle or badger, don't overdo it though whatever colour you chosse remember to keep it sparse.

Why not add a few to your fly box and try 'em out for yourself!

To follow Allan's Tutorial click on the image below: