Fly Friday #94 Olive Variant by Chris Reeves

This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Chris Reeves, he talks us though two Olive Variants

Two similar patterns, the olive version works well when Damsels are around, the heavy wire of the hook allows the fly to sink reasonably quickly whilst maintaining the slimness of the profile

The darker “sooty” pattern has worked well early season and during buzzer hatches as a top dropper above a team of buzzers.


Hook :- G3AL ,heavy wet fly

Thread:- Red 8/0 Uni thread

Tag on “sooty” variation only :- Red tying thread

Tail:- A small bunch of mallard flank or bronze mallard

Rib:- Very fine silver wire (wind rib over the red tag on the sooty version)

Body:- Olive green seals fur on the olive, sooty olive seals fur for the darker version

Wing:- Bronze Mallard

Head Hackle:- Whiting hen dyed Olive or Black