Fly Friday #67

This weeks Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Jimmy Tyrell who has tied the exceptional Olive Comparadun.


Step by step 
St . 1 Tie in thee strands of coque de leon or your choice for the tails .
St . 2 Catch in the cdc plumes for the wing.
St . 3 Cut the remaining fibres and cover with the tying thread.
St.  4 Build up the body from the tail to the cdc giving it a nice taper.
St.  5 Catch in a piece of Goose biot for the body.
St . 6 Wind the biot up in touching turns to give a nice segmented body.
St . 7 Dub on some dubbing for the thorax.
St . 8 Wind up the dubbing behind and in front of the cdc.
St . 9 Whip finish and varnish.

Tying tips 

1. Make sure to give the body a nice taper from the tail .
2. Before winding up the biot add a drop of varnish to the body .
3. Before adding the cdc wing cut the ends so that they are straight and even.


Hook . Size 16 Partridge E1A dry fine wire hook down eye.
Tail Coq de leon or Any stiff feather fibres 
Body. Turkey or goose biots
Wing . Fibres of Cdc 
Thorax olive rabbit or superfine dubbing