Fly Friday #5

The 'Highlander Cascade' is the Fly in todays 'Fly Friday'. The fly has been tyed on a Patriot Double by PRO-team member Kevin Branch. The Patriot Double is a great hook for this type of fly as it is perfect for contemporary salmon and steelhead patterns. It has proven modified Dublin bend and straight needle points, as well as forged bends for added strength.


Kevin Branch was born in New Brunswick Canada where he resides in Burton N.B. Kevin's target species of fish are BrookTrout and Atlantic Salmon which he fishes from the banks of the Miramichi river. He's been tying for only a few years but has gained popularity in the tying and angling community with his unique style of Hairwing Salmon flies. Kevin is the designer of the first annual Atlantic Salmon Federation Fly in 2013

You can find the Patriot Double here...