Fly Friday #37

The 37th Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Dave Wilshire. Dave has tied the CDC Loop Emerger on a 15BN.


With the New Year upon us, I cannot stop myself from getting excited about the trout season. Although there’s plenty of grayling fishing to be had, I will be putting away the tungsten and reaching for the CDC as I start to fill the dry fly boxes in anticipation for some early-season hatches. This pattern is a favourite for those glassy glides that fish seem to love to feed in. Every tiny detail of their food can be observed under such conditions, so getting a decent imitation is all important. CDC Loop Emergers come into their own in those situations and this quill-bodied version ticks all the boxes. By adjusting the size and colour, this pattern can be used to imitate all manner of emerging flies, from Large Dark Olives and May Flies to hatching buzzers. Try it – I almost guarantee it’ll find a permanent place in you fly box.

Hook: Partridge Klinkhamer 15BN

Thread: Sheer 14/0, tan

Body: Stripped peacock quill

Wing: Woodduck

Loop-wing: 4 plumes of CDC

Thorax: Grey Squirrel

My tutorial on tying the CDC loop emerger can be seen here



Based in Chew Magna, a few miles South of Bristol, Dave Wiltshire is a AAPGAI Advanced level instructor. He is also a MAXIA RODS pro-guide and a member of the PARTRIDGE International Pro-Team. Dave fishes all over the country targetting Trout and Grayling with the fly. He keeps a regularly updated blog and website.