Fly Friday #182 Wyatt's Deer Hair Emerger by Allan Liddle

Hook Partridge K4A Grub Hook size 10-16
Thread: 8/0 yellow Uni thread
Wing; Natural Short Fine Deer Hair, or Comparadun Deer Hair
Thorax: Light Olive Rabbit / Hares Ear dubbing mix with (optional) pinch of Dark Olive Glister mixed through

An excellent dry fly and my go-to pattern of running water when olives are around. Can be dressed down to smaller sizes just be careful with dimensions and also be aware you will need a good wing to hold the pattern up correctly.

Also good on still water (small black excellent emerging buzzer imitation) and versatile to even be used sub-surface (I often run it below the surface through pools and runs once fished them on top before moving onto the next area).

Easy to tie and easy to use, excellent for covering sighted fish, equally as excellent for 'fishing blind' and general searching and a must have fly for all trout anglers.