Fly Friday #175 The Flashtail Jig by Dougie Loughridge

For this Fly Friday I’d like to share with you the “Flashtail Jig”….
This is a variation of my all-time favourite Pike fly, Dan Blanton’s Flashtail Whistler. But for this version, we dispense with the whistling bead-chain eyes and replace them with lead or tungsten dumbells in order to help keel the hook to fish the fly point up, jig style.
I like to use this fly early in the season for post-spawn Pike as it allows me to fish the fly slowly, usually on a Di3 line, often bumping along the bottom, giving the Pike plenty of time to find the fly. Often at this time of year the Pike can still be a bit sluggish so slow retrieves and sinking lines are usually the order of the day to get the fly jigging slowly along the bottom and inducing the Pike into a response.
The fly isn’t just limited to cold water and slow fishing though, because of its “hook up” orientation in the water, it’s also a really good option when fishing snaggy, shallow venues at any time of the year. Give it a swim and see for yourself.
Hook: 4/0 Partridge Universal Predator X Jig60.
Thread: UTC GSP
Tail: Hedron Flashabou in silver with pearl along sides.
Body: White Bucktail veiled with Craft fur or marabou for more density. Silver Hackle flash. Grizzle hackles. Hedron Opal Lateral Scale.
Collar: Red Craft fur. Flame/Red Roe Predator Dubbing well brushed out to mix.
Eyes: Lead or tungsten dumbells.