Fly Friday #174 The Bass Popper By Justin Carfagnini

It's warm water season, and the bass are going to want to eat some bigger bugs off the surface. Top water bass fishing is no doubt my favorite type of fishing. 5 - 7 wt rods with a floating line while fishing lakes or rivers. It's a blast!
Below you'll find some advanced instructions on how to achieve a popper that will get the job done.
Material List:
1. Partridge Popper Hook - Size 2
2. Flymen Fishing Co Double Barrel Popper Body - Size Medium
3. Tail - Lunds Fly Shop Misfit Wampa Hair
4. Crystal Flash Silver
5. Natural Hackle Feathers
6. Hareline Polar Chenille Red 
7. 4 mm eyes

Step 1 - Take your Partridge of Redditch popper hook and place it in your vise.
Step 2 - Tie in a clump of Lund's Fly Shop Misfit Wampa Hair for a tail.
Step 3 - Tie in a small amount of flash over the top of the Wampa Hair.
Step 4 - Tie in 2 small hackles from your Whitings Farms bugger pack.
Step 5 - Tie in your Polar Chenille to make a hot spot in the middle of the fly.
Step 6 - Put some superglue down on the thread that the body will be pushed on, and push on the body.
Step 7 (optional) - Poke through some rubber legs on the side to add some extra wiggle.
Step 8 - Super glue some eye on the popper body.
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