Fly Friday #173 The Art Flick Variants by Hugh Rosen

This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Hugh Rosen and it's The Art Flick Variants.... 

The Art Flick Variants, here tied on a Dry Fly Supreme #16, are a perfect way to use the centre stems of dry fly hackles in the sizes one never uses.

This is a Catskill classic and is very easy and quick to tie. Here tied to cover the sulfur hatch (E. dorothea), but a very versatile pattern. Change to blue dun tail and hackle and this is an excellent PMD.

Using a cream or light ginger stem, allows the hackle stem body to become translucent after coating with varnish, and letting the underlying colour of the thread show through translucently.

This gives a life-like and well segmented body at recycled cost.

Hook: Dry Fly Supreme (my personal favourite)
Thread: Primrose here, but to match the hatch
Tail: Ginger hackle
Body: Thread underneath. Then cream dry fly hackle stem wound tightly in adjacent turns, then varnish and allow to dry
Hackle: Cree (matches many bugs) or whichever colour works. My favourites are cree or blue dun. Whip and done