Fly Friday #136 Detached Body Mayfly by Joe Stitt

This weeks Fly Friday come from PRO-Team member Joe Stitt, its the Detached Body Mayfly....

Recently a fishing friend gave me flies to reproduce for him, three of these were mayfly patterns and of the three, one in particular took my fancy. I have a photo of one of my attempts above I will give it a try in may/June2017. All my mayfly patterns are tied using deer or elk hair with exception of the Mosley mayfly, so you can see why I like the one above.

The dressing is as follows:                                                                                                                               

Thread I used is Danville’s flymaster primrose or yellow                                                                             

Hook is Partridge grub straight eye K4AY-SE size 10                                                                                       

Tail is three fibres of Pheasant cock centre tail dyed olive                                                                          

Body is made on a ladies hat pin, tail tied in at this point and then body, using deer hair dyed olive ribbed with the tying thread, it is dressed and whip finished then tied onto hook shank at this stage      

Thorax is green fine dubbing wing is two plumes of cheap Chinese cock cape again dyed olive green. These are stripped of fibres on one side and set with concave sides facing out and fibre sides facing eye of hook

Hackle is grizzle dyed olive and tied in at this stage, the thorax is now formed and hackle is wound over the thorax for three turns, now the wing fibres are held  over the eye of the hook to form wing shape and teed in, head formed and whip finished then varnished.