The Easy Bait Fish by Stevie Munn

The Easy Bait Fish by Stevie Munn

There are many small fish or fry patterns, and this season I started messing about with a few of them and found one of the most successful to be maybe one of the easiest to dress.

Less time at the vice and more time on the river or lake, this often appeals to me as most of the time I just want to fish. So here is one of the easiest flies to dress and it is also a great fish catcher.

Easy Bait Fish.

Hook. Partridge Wet Heavy Supreme G3A/L Size 8 or 10.

Head. Veniard Rainbow Tungsten Bead.

Body. Silver Lite Brite or Glister or similar brushed out and a green or darker colour dressed on the top. ( make sure you comb this as this will help greatly with the movement of the pattern)

Baitfish patterns are generally used by fly anglers to target large fish. The patterns can be used for most species of fish and they can be tied to imitate specific baitfish. The patterns are either retrieved with fast, erratic movements or slow, wounded movements. Large fish will chase schools of baitfish and eat as many as possible, you sometimes see the small fish jumping out of the water trying to escape, these are of areas to concentrate your fishing effort’s. That said fishing a wounded baitfish in open water is also enticing to trout. General patterns will attract reaction strikes because of the movement, but specific colours will sometimes increase the number of takes.

You can also use many other materials for baitfish, flexible materials always work well such as Rabbit strips, marabou and synthetic hair are all effective choices. The soft materials will create motion in the water and imitate the erratic movements of a baitfish that often get a reaction. I like slender bodies for baitfish that will be sometimes retrieved rapidly. The small bodies will allow the fly to dart through the water naturally. Or if fished slow pulse and move like a injured fish.  

Fishing Matters  Game Angling Consultant Stevie Munn works full time as a fishing guide, writer and qualified game angling instructor in fly casting and fly tying, he has also appeared in many angling books, magazines and DVDs and gives casting demonstrations at angling events all over the world. He has fished many places in the world and grew up fishing on rivers and loughs of Ireland where he often guides. He runs teaching courses in Ireland and host groups to fish in BC Canada, Norway, Argentina and other parts of the world. You can contact him via email and for more information visit